Earn money from Facebook and Youtube by a good income way

As we all know, Facebook and Youtube are the most popular and popular websites in the 21st century technology age. We always use these websites to entertain and learn various knowledge and so on. And what’s even more special is that through these two websites, we can even make money from it.

In general, to make money from Youtube by producing videos and uploading them to Youtube separately for Facebook, in addition to making money through online advertising, we can also earn money on Facebook by uploading Video as well. Therefore, both Youtube and Facebook can earn money from video uploading as well.

 However, to be able to make money from these two sites, it is not easy or just play and get real results. But it is also not difficult until the class can not do that, the most important thing is that we know how to produce a video that can attract a lot of viewers, that is, we can call it quality video.

And if everyone has a passion and can produce quality video, then everyone can use one arrow to shoot three animals to earn money. All you have to do is make a video and post it on Facebook and Youtube. In addition to earning money from Facebook and Youtube, everyone can also earn another source of income by receiving external advertising (Sponsor).

All in all, in order to make money using one arrow, shoot three animals, the first thing you need to do is create a quality video, or in other words, a video that will attract a lot of viewers. For Youtube, we can make money normally, and while making money from videos on Facebook, now everyone has to relocate (Locatoin) to another country to be able to apply to Facebook to earn money. And for external sponsors, it depends on the reputation of your Page and Channel and how many followers you have. In general, if more people watch your video, you can also pull the sponsor accordingly.

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