4 Skills Be Youtube and Facebook Creator

Making videos to post on Facebook or on YouTube can be a lot, but those who can earn money from making their own videos are very few. The problem is that on Cambodia’s Facebook, we are not yet allowed to make money with Facebook. Revenue from YouTube is also lower. Therefore, video creators should develop the following skills to be able to get more sponsors from local guests.

1. Short Video Skills: In 2020, there are a lot of businesses that have turned to online business. So those companies, in addition to popping up regular products or services, they also need to make videos to increase interest and easily Boost on Facebook. Therefore, if you have good video recording skills, you will be able to have more guests.

2. Storytelling Skills: As mentioned above, in this day and age, any company, like any other company, is mostly focused on video production. Therefore, if you have video recording skills, you should also have more acting skills. This acting skill can be made into educational videos, comedy videos or other humanitarian videos.

3. Composing Skills: If you can compose a song or a script to promote a product or service to another company, indirectly or directly, you will be able to find more customers because this skill is less available to you. No.

4. Speaking Skills: No matter what you say, as long as you can convince people to believe in a product or service in your video, you have more visitors. Because whether you are joking or encouraging and educational, as long as you can get people to watch your video, you will have the opportunity to advertise other companies.

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