Make your wordpress site to AMP

Using APM makes website run faster and more responsive on mobile, So any WordPress​ site without AMP we can make it to AMP by using the AMP Plugin

First we need to install :

After active we will see 3 options : Standard, Transitional, and Reader

– if active standard it will remove some script from your theme, it’s display on PC device and mobile and it can view AMP and none AMP.

– if active Transitional it will remove some script that display in mobile , it also can view AMP and none AMP

– if active Reader you will need to edit the custom theme for mobile device. it’s fully view AMP in mobile.

Next you will see the advance siting: if you want to make user redirect to AMP in mobile turn it on. and in support template you can chose where you want to display amp on like: Post, Page, Home…..

After click save!

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