Who is the best singer in Cambodia?

Who is the best singer in Cambodia?

According to some related documents, Cambodia has many famous songs from 1933-1991, in which the most popular songs are sung by 3 individuals produced by veteran stars such as Sin Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea and Keo Sarath . The next will be Mr. Chuy Sopheap, Touch Sunich, Noy Vannet and Mrs. Him Sivorn. From 2005 to 2008, many young stars appeared, such as Preap Sovath, Khat Sokhim, Meas Saly, Bunsak, Sapoun Midada, Nob Panharith, Chon Sovannareach, Khemarak Sereymon and many others.

Except for two men Stand keep their fame to this day are Preap Sovath and Khemarak Sereymon. So, Khemarak Sereymon has more songs with women than Preap Sovath, the female stars he sang with are equally famous: Aok Sokunkanha, Meas Soksophea, Sok Pisey and Khemarak Srey Pov. Nowadays, the two stars have changed their productions, making their songs not clearly owned, with the loss of some of the songs produced.

What are they singing about?

Some of the songs are about real life, love, culture, national festivals and patriotism, while others are sung to dance for fun in a program.

Nowadays, does Cambodia have a star as a rapper? And which rapper is famous and attractive?

Cambodia has a lot of rapper stars, but some rappers do not produce many songs. Dj Rapper Song: DJ Khleang, DJ Nantum, DJ Kdep, and New Generation like Vannda, Ponleu and Sokcheat, Vin Vitou, Gdevith, Dj Chee, Reezy, Peacechong, KJ, Tempo Tris, Seav JK & Bross La, and many more stars.

Which stars are dead and their songs are still popular?

Some songwriters and singers have died and left their famous songs to this day: Sin Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea, Keo Sarath, Touch Sunich, and Khemarak Srey Pov.

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